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Abbott (ex Amo ex Allergan) Info
Oxysept Comfort 90 Days 3 x 300 ml + 90 Tablets + 1 Case 79.00
Oxysept 1 -> replace with Avizor Novoxy 1 Manufacturing stopped
Oxysept 2 -> replace with Avizor Novoxy 2 Manufacturing stopped
Oxysept 2 Unit Doses -> replace with Avizor Novoxy 2 Unit Doses Manufacturing stopped
Totalcare Cleaner -> replace with Bach Optic Optimedics Cleaner outdated product
Totalcare Conditioner -> replace with Avizor GP Multi outdated product
Totalcare Protein Remover -> replace with Abbott Ultrazyme Protein Remover outdated product
Ultrazyme Protein Remover 10 Tablets 30.00
Lens Plus Purite Ocupure Saline Solution 120 ml 11.00
Lens Plus Purite Ocupure Saline Solution 360 ml 17.00
Refresh Contacts Unit Doses -> replace with Allergan Refresh Contacts 15 ml 20 x 0.4 ml Manufacturing stopped
Refresh Contacts 15 ml 14.00
The above list represents the contact lens solutions of Abbott (ex Amo ex Allergan) we offer. Please click on the product of your choice to learn more about its specifications and its packaging.