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about Since 1992, the MARTIN MISCHLER contact lens fitting practice offers you a customized service to solve all your eyesight problems.
We find long-lasting solutions and ensure an irreproachable service for cases of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia and combinations there of. Cases of keratoconus are also given maximum attention to obtain an effective correction.
Post-operational conditions such as keratoplastic, keratotomy, excimer, lasik and aphakia are granted special attention and rigorous controls.
The MARTIN MISCHLER contact lens fitting practice is a pioneer in orthokeratology and was the first office in Switzerland to fit ortho-k contact lenses.
Master optician SSOO
Contact lens fitting practice
Avenue de Frontenex 4 A
(Place des Eaux-Vives)
1207 Geneva
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